SAMAX Cover for bike trailer - Black

With a cover you can safely maintain your bike trailer.

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SAMAX Cover for bike trailer - Black

Covering for children's bicycle trailer - protective cover lockable, also perfect for joggers

When you choose this covering for a children's bicycle trailer, you are opting for a high-quality model, which offers you many advantages. This includes reliable safety. Just close the cover together with the trailer and you can leave both alone for a while. Another advantage is the multi-functionality: The protective cover is ideal for classic wheel trailers and also for models with additional equipment for joggers.

Protective cover easy to assemble

No matter how many times you pull the protective cover over the trailer and take it off again: You lose almost no time. This is ensured by the easy assembly of this model. Just slip over the cover, pull the buckles tight and activate the drawstring: Everything is done already. Additional advantage: The safety cover is foldable and can therefore be stowed to save space.

Weatherproof protection for bicycle trailers

The covering is made of sturdy nylon fibre. The material is convincing with reliable UV protection, which greatly slows down the fading caused by sunlight. The cover is rainproof, so that the trailer remains nice and dry even in heavy rain. In addition, the nylon cover inspires with its very good resilience and excellent everyday practicality. Due to the long service life, with the purchase of the cover, you have taken care of a long period of time. Get it now.


  • Material: 210 D nylon fibre
  • Overall dimensions: approximately 100 x 120 x 110 cm (WxDxH)
  • Total weight: approximately 0.95 kg
  • Protects the bicycle trailer from rain, snow and other types of weather
  • Water resistant, offers UV protection and is particularly tear-resistant
  • Over cover is easy to use, washable and can be folded
  • Easy to pull over
  • Tieback and buckles for attaching
  • With a bicycle chain, the covering with the trailer can be safely closed

  • DIMENSIONS: The covering for the bicycle trailer has the dimensions of approximately 100 x 120 x 110 cm (WxDxH), a weight of about 0.95 kg and is made of extremely durable 210 D nylon fibre and thus intended for prolonged use
  • SPECIAL PROTECTION: The protective cover is suitable for all kinds of weather conditions, whether in the spring, summer, autumn or winter; the cover is easy to use in any season and stows away when not in use
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: The cover is easy to handle, folds quickly and can be washed if necessary. The over cover is water resistant against rain and the UV protection withstands the effect of sun in the summer
  • FIXING: With the drawstring and the buckles, you can fix the tarpaulin closely to the children's trailer in order to protect it perfectly from wind and weather
  • PRACTICAL: The existing eyelets on the covering offer a decisive advantage. The trailer can, with the help of a bicycle chain, be closed together with the covering and thus complicates possible theft


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