Baby Vivo Foldable Baby Child Playpen for Indoor and Outdoor - Forest

With our playpens you always have an overview of your little ones.

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Baby Vivo Foldeable Playpen for Children Indoor and Outdoor - Forest

The playpen: playground and safety for small children

A playpen is a very reasonable addition to your baby equipment. It enables you to accommodate your child safely for a short period of time. The child will be very comfortable in this playpen as it offers various play options and looks very pretty. Furthermore, the playpen can also be used as a barrier.

Playpen with high-quality manufacture suitable for children

The playpen for children is made of sturdy plastic. It is solidly finished and all elements have rounded corners. This means that you never have to worry about sharp edges. The playpen can be assembled in many ways exactly where you need it the most. It has suction cups at the bottom of the elements to enable more stability on surfaces like tiles, parquet or laminate. One element of the playpen has integrated toys which your child will love to explore. Additionally, the playpen also includes a door.

Barrier for more protection and safety

Provide safety for your child by using the playpen to protect your little one from harm. The barrier is perfectly suitable for securing danger spots. Thus you will be able to easily manage any critical situation. For example you can put your child into the playpen when you are cooking. This way you can always keep an eye on your child and are nonetheless able to do something else. Besides even older children like to use this playpen with its specific design: they just creatively integrate it into their play!

When it comes to baby products, SAFETY is always our main concern! Our Baby Vivo playpens meet the newest EU safety regulations according to EN 71.


  • 12 elements in yellow
  • Overall dimensions: approx. 160 x 160 x 61 cm (LxWxH), superficial contents: approx. 2,56 m²
  • Dimensions of door and toy element : 80 x 61 cm (WxH) each
  • Dimensions of side elements: 40 x 58 cm (WxH) each
  • One door panel and one panel with integrated sound toys
  • Suction cups on all elements
  • Excellent finishing with rounded corners without sharp edges
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • The colours might vary due to your screen settings
  • Recommended age: suitable for children from 0 to 6 years
Please never let your child play in the playpen unattended!
In case the suction cups should lose their grip over time, please place them in warm water for a short duration. Then re-attach the suction cups to the elements while they are still warm.

  • QUALITY: The playpen Forest is manufactured and tested in accordance with EN 71. It contains 12 side components in yellow with a play wall and a door component
  • SPACE SAVING: The advantage of this playpen is that all the components can be assembled the way you want. Its total dimensions are approximately 160 x 160 x 61 cm (LxWxH) with a surface area of approx. 2.56 m²
  • CARACTERISTICS: The playpen Forest is characterised by first-class workmanship with rounded components containing no sharp edges. The risk of injury is zero
  • SAFETY: To ensure the safety of each component, the barrier has suction cups with a good gripping capacity, which are mainly suitable for smooth, level surfaces that provide good grip
  • FLEXIBILITY: Assembling the playpen is uncomplicated, extremely quick, and flexible, because all it involves is simply inserting the individual components into each other


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