Baby Vivo Child Playpen Round for Indoor and Outdoor 8 Elements Grey / White – Lucy

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Baby Vivo Child Playpen Round for Indoor and Outdoor 8 Elements Grey / White – Lucy

Playpens - flexible, safe and beautiful

In addition to cradles or cots and changing tables, playpens are one of the first pieces of furniture that parents buy for their baby. The playpen offers the growing child a safe space to play and discover while protecting it from injury.

Modernised classic

Playpens have a long tradition in educational activities. They existed long before children had their own rooms inside the family apartment or house. The reason was the same then as it is today, i.e. a baby in a playpen has only limited space. It cannot fall down anywhere and hurt itself, it cannot start any self-exploration and get itself into dangerous situations.

Nice-looking protective and safety barriers

In order to ensure children are not only safe but also feel good, playpens have been repeatedly revised and adapted to the children's needs. Although they used to look like a little box, today they resemble more an adventure landscape, with something new to discover every day. An extensive colour palette ensures that the playpen fits into the interior and matches with existing furniture or home textiles.

Safety according to current standards

The designs of playpens adhere to strict EU guidelines, in order to ensure the safety of children is not jeopardised. Easy-care plastic, concealed hinges and a minimum grid width guarantee you and your child the least possible risk when using them. The simple plug-in system means you can combine the individual elements in new ways, thus the playpen can have a different look every day.

When it comes to baby products, SAFETY is always our main concern! Our Baby Vivo playpens meet the newest EU safety regulations according to EN 71.


  • 8 elements in grey and white
  • Overall dimensions: 153.5 x 153.5 x 67 cm (LxWxH)
  • Inside diameter: 150 cm
  • Thickness of the elements: 3.5 cm
  • Distance between two bars: 4.8 cm
  • Mat for fixing inside the playpen
  • Silicone pads on all elements
  • First-class workmanship with rounded elements without sharp edges
  • Flexible and very simple construction
  • Recommended age: suitable for children from 6 months to 3 years
  • Colours may vary due to screen settings
Please never let your child play in the playpen unattended!

  • SAFETY: Manufactured and tested to EN 71, very simple flexible construction, first-class workmanship with rounded elements without sharp edges
  • OVERALL DIMENSIONS: Overall dimensions: 153.5 x 153.5 x 67 cm (LxWxH), inside diameter: 150 cm, element thickness: 3.5 cm, distance between two bars: 4.8 cm
  • MAT: The bottom of the playpen consists of a slightly raised mat so that your child does not have to play on the hard floor
  • DELIVERY INCLUDES: 8 plastic elements, a polyester mat and silicone pads to avoid scratching the floor
  • DESIGN: The grey and white elements give the playpen a beautiful and neutral look, making the playpen suitable for any child's room or living room

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