Baby Vivo 10 inch balance bike / trainer bike made of wood - Chopper in Red

Fun at the highest level for your little sunshine.

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Baby Vivo Children Balance Bike 10 Inch - Chopper in Red

All children want to discover the world independently. They can't wait to get started. Combine their curiosity with learning how to balance; a skill they will later need to master riding a bicycle. This balance bike is perfect for learning how to find your balance, and how to keep it. Once children turn three, there seems to be no stopping them. They want to develop their motor skills, and so the time has come to get them onto a balance bike. A kids' balance bike that looks irresistible! The perfect first bike for three-year-olds. They soon make it their own.

What makes this balance bike so appealing?

Children love bright and contrasting colours. The design of this balance bike takes exactly this love into account. Constructed from solid wood, it is light yet sturdy and practically indestructible. No complicated technical small print; the basic, plain design of this balance bike appeals to children straight away, inviting them to take a ride. This balance bike is equally appealing to parents, as it is just right for their children. The frame of this balance bike is a bright flamingo colour with a batik wood grain. Two black wheels with pneumatic rubber tyres provide a striking contrast, with the saddle seat finished in a matching colour.

Can be steered safely, no risk of injury whatsoever.

Special care has been taken to ensure that the handlebars of this balance bike cannot slip out of small hands, which makes the balance bike easy to steer. That is why the grip ends feature rounded caps to prevent inadvertent slipping. The seat is firmly attached to the main bar that leads to the rear hub. The saddle height can be adjusted with bolts that fit into pre-punched mounting holes. This also makes the balance bike suitable for children who are a few centimetres taller than the average three-year-old.

The entire solid wood frame is beautifully crafted and designed with safety in mind. There are no corners or sharp edges on which children might hurt themselves. This balance bike has exclusively rounded, soft ends and edges – an indispensable safety criterion. No need to worry about injuries caused by screws with this balance bike: round, flat screws have been used throughout to make this an exceedingly safe balance bike.

Details of the balance bike:

  • Dimensions: approx. 74 x 37 x 44 cm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: approx. 4 kg
  • Wheels: 10 inch
  • 3 times adjustable seat height, ca. 31 - 35 cm
  • Very stable by construction made ​​of solid wood
  • No risk of injury due to rounded edges and screws
  • Sure to steer by non-slip grips with rounded caps
  • Age recommendation: from 2 years
  • Maximum weight load approx.: 30 kg

  • LEARN TO PLAY: The balance bike for toddlers, in a stylish bike design, helps little ones to learn to balance and to hold. It's also great fun to explore the world with the balance bike.
  • COLOURFUL: The natural-looking wooden frame of the 10 inch balance bike forms the stable and practically indestructible basis and becomes a real eye-catcher due to the colourful accents in red.
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: The balance bike has a padded saddle that can be adjusted three times in height, thus automatically growing with your child.
  • SAFETY: Thanks to the rounded edges and screws, there is no risk of injury and non-slip handlebar grips make the children's balance bike safe and easy to ride.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The wooden children's balance bike with dimensions of approx. 74 x 37 x 44 cm (LxWxH), weights approx. 4 kg and can be loaded up to 30 kg. It scores with smooth-running and rubber-tired 10 inch wheels


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