Baby Vivo Kids Swing / Garden Swing - Single Swing up to 40 kg

Kids swings from Baby Vivo make for more fun in your garden!

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Baby Vivo Kids Swing / Garden Swing - Single Swing up to 40 kg

Swing: the children's classic in many variations

The children's swing can often be the finishing touch for the garden area, to make your little rascals happy. Available as a single or double swing, it is manufactured on a stable metal base. This ensures the safety and long lasting durability of the swing. In addition, the weatherproof material is ideal for setting up in the garden or on the playground. You can learn more about this high-quality garden swing here.

Fun & games with the playground swing

A swing is a versatile toy for undisturbed leisure time fun. In addition to the game function, this versatile play device offers even more advantages. Swinging trains the sense of balance and at the same time provides a better physical feeling in the long run. This also facilitates a better assessment of physical relationships, as the children are able to estimate exactly how much effort they can put into reaching a certain height over time. Nowadays, many children already suffer from stress and consequently struggle with concentration difficulties. The steady rhythm of the swinging calms, promotes optimal relaxation and thus provides more balance for the children.

Swing seat in plastic

The seat of the swing is made of light and easily washable plastic material. The suspension is safely designed and offers you a further advantage: the adjustable ropes allow the play equipment to grow with your child, so to speak, and can therefore give genuine pleasure for a long time. You can decide according to your own desires how long the ropes are set and how high the swing seat should float above the ground so that the children's legs can easily reach the ground. So the little ones can also have fun on their swings in the garden area without assistance.

The Baby Vivo single swing at a glance:

  • Made of high quality and durable metal
  • Overall dimensions: approx. 139 x 165 x 203 cm (LxWxH)
  • Seat dimensions: approx. 13 x 40 x 4.5 cm (LxWxH)
  • The plastic seat is held in place by strong ropes
  • First-class workmanship using only rounded components (no sharp edges)
  • Simple and fast assembly by fitting and screwing
  • Permissible load weight of the swing: approx. 40 kg
  • Weight of the swing: approx. 9 kg
  • This model is fixed in the ground with hooks
  • Assembly is required
  • Age recommendation: suitable for children from 3 years of age
Please never leave your children unattended. This model is suitable for one child
Warning: only for domestic use.
Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months.

  • OVERALL DIMENSIONS: The Baby Vivo swing is made of metal, measures approx. 139 x 165 x 203 cm (LxWxH) and weighs approx. 9 kg
  • SEAT: The seat of the swing is made of plastic, measures approx. 13 x 40 x 4.5 cm (LxWxH) and is held in place by two sturdy ropes
  • DESIGN: The swing frame is suitable for two children and can be loaded up to a maximum weight of 40 kg
  • PLAY & FUN: With the garden swing, children from the age of 3 can pursue a sporting activity and train their sense of balance in a practical way
  • DELIVERY: The complete swing set is included in the delivery, requires self-assembly. The hooks are attached to the ground for a secure hold

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