Baby Vivo Children‘s Wooden Toy Shop with Ice cream compartment - FINN

The toy shop of Baby Vivo - guaranteed fun and a great joy for your little ones.

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Baby Vivo Children‘s Wooden Toy Shop - FINN

A shop with detailed design for children

The shop is the ideal setting for the childlike game of trading goods. It serves as a sales stand for your children and can be individually equipped. A robust sales counter and a solid rear wall with several shelves, cupboards, and drawers form an ensemble that leaves nothing to be desired. A clock, attractive shop lettering, and a loving fruit and flower decor adorn the back wall. The special highlight of this multi-coloured children’s shop is the ice cream compartment with flap integrated into the counter.

High-quality market stall for small sellers

Children love to play shop. A shop offers them the opportunity to practise all work steps from tidying up and presenting the goods to selling and handling cash in a playful way. The shop provides many hours of fun and promotes role-playing games. With the help of the durable equipment, your little ones can simulate everyday shopping and learn to appreciate the value of different foods and products. They sell fruit and vegetables at their market stall and recommend products.

Child-friendly and functional design

The spacious sales stand has plenty of space for items of all kinds. Children will find plenty of space to store goods and present them to customers in an appealing way. Small ice cream sellers and cashiers can let their imagination and creativity run wild when setting up the shop. Your children take on the role of a sales clerk and learn what this profession is all about. Shop opening hours can be displayed using the clock. And when the children’s shop is temporarily closed again in the evening, your little sales clerks have the evening off and go to sleep satisfied.

The Baby Vivo Finn shop at a glance:

  • Manufactured and certified according to EN 71-1 safety standards
  • Material: MDF
  • Total dimensions: approx. 70 x 82 x 110 cm (L x W x H)
  • Counter height: approx. 56 cm, front counter depth: approx. 15 cm, rear counter depth: approx. 14.5 cm
  • Including ice cream compartment for opening and closing
  • 3 pull-out wooden drawers and 1 large cupboard
  • 2 boards for drawing on with chalk
  • 1 clock to set the business hours
  • Multiple compartments and shelves that can be filled as desired during play
  • First-class processing with rounded elements (thus no sharp edges)
  • Particularly stable
  • Weight: approx. 9 kg
  • Age recommendation: from 3 years
ATTENTION: The Baby Vivo Finn shop with ice cream compartment is not suitable for children under 3 years.
ATTENTION: Use under the direct supervision of adults.
* The toy shown in the pictures is not included.

  • CHILDREN’S SHOP: The beautifully decorated Finn shop is made of sturdy MDF and lets children make their first attempts as small salespeople while guaranteeing long-lasting fun with role-playing
  • ICE CREAM COMPARTMENT: The ice cream compartment offers a varied alternative to the usual fruit or vegetable stall because it transforms the market square into an ice cream parlour, among other things. Of course, the stand can also be used as a supermarket, organic shop, butcher’s, or fruit or vegetable stand
  • SPACIOUS: With its countless compartments and storage possibilities as well as the 3 pull-out drawers made of wood and the large cupboard, children have enough possibilities to design and furnish their own shop according to their wishes
  • PLAY WITHOUT WORRY: The shop has been manufactured and certified in accordance with EN 71-1 safety standards. It also features first-class workmanship with rounded elements (thus no sharp edges)
  • EXTRAS: In addition to the special ice cream compartment, the market place offers a clock to set the opening times and 2 black boards to draw on with chalk. This allows your little ones to be particularly creative and let their imaginations run wild

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