MAXCRAFT Multi-purpose Ladder / Scaffold Ladder - Length 5.92 m

Professional or amateur craftsmen. Suitable for everyone.

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MAXCRAFT 6 in 1 Aluminium Multi Function Ladder 5.92 m Scaffold Multifunctional

A ladder is found in almost every household. However, it is still possible that in some situations you may not have the right model to perform certain tasks safely. In contrast, the multi-purpose and telescopic ladder promises versatility. Both are made of aluminum and therefore do not put too much weight on it.

The ladder whose height is adjustable in several stages

If you have not yet decided to buy a ladder, as there is no storage facility in your household, these ladders are the perfect choice. It has the advantage that it can be easily extended if necessary. The multifunction ladder can be individually determined how many rungs are pulled out - that is, for what working height the ladder is needed for, a particular task. The ladder is of course interesting for private households, as it takes up little space when retracted. The scaffold can be transported in a mini-car without having to fix it on the vehicle roof. This ladder is made of sturdy aluminum and safe square profile rungs, which can each be loaded with up to 150 kg.

The multi-purpose ladder as an allrounder

If you want to go higher, even the longest telescopic ladder on a multipurpose ladder has to give way. This is also made of aluminum and carries, depending on the model, up to 150 kg. However, their main advantage is that most ladders have multiple joints. Thus, the multi-purpose ladder can be used in most designs as a working platform or ladder

Technical details:

  • Maximum length: 5.92 m
  • Rung distance: approx. 26.5 cm
  • Up to 150 kg payload
  • Dimensions inserted: approx. 27 x 34.5 x 154.5 cm (LxWxH)
  • Dimensions inserted with traverse: approx. 27 x 70.5 x 157 cm (LxWxH)
  • 20 rungs with anti-slip profile
  • WCS aluminum (very light and extremely durable)
  • Multi-adjustable, at least 6 different functions
  • Different applications: stepladder, ladder or working bridge
  • 3 automatically latching joints
  • Space-saving storage, also very well suited for car transport
  • Automatic safety hinges
  • Extra wide floor traverse
  • Tested to EN-131
  • Weight: approx. 14 kg

Other sizes:

  • A: approx. 36 cm
  • B: approx. 159 cm
  • C: approx. 155 cm
  • D: approx. 284 cm
  • E: approx. 592 cm

  • Tested and certified to EN-131, maximum static vertical load 150 kg
  • Dimensions inserted: approx. 27 x 34,5 x 154,5 cm (LxWxH), dimensions inserted with foot: approx. 27 x 34,5 x 157 cm (LxWxH)
  • Very flexible in use, WCS aluminum (very light and extremely durable), number of steps - 20 steps
  • Minimum 6 different formations of ladder, turns into a step ladder or a straight ladder
  • Space-saving storage, very flexible for car transport, weight: approx. 14 kg / We do not deliver to Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man