MY SIT Gaming Chair Office Chair with Footrest ZERO - Red

Our Gaming Chair is just right to give your office or gaming room a new flair.

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MY SIT Gaming Chair ZERO Office Chair with Footrest - Red

Whether you're looking for a gaming chair or an executive chair, this swivel chair is in a class of its own

Much more than just a simple office chair, this swivel chair has many attractive features to ensure maximum comfort while gaming

The ergonomic office chair with tilting function is height-adjustable and can be easily adapted to your body dimensions – one of the most important prerequisites for long, fatigue-free working hours, and for relaxed play. Because it is intended to function as both a desk chair and a gaming chair, it has a dignified, executive look. The elegant swivel chair has a dynamic shape and a modern, functional design.

All controls for adjusting the chair are easily accessible – even when seated. A stable stand on five sturdy castors provides both stability and flexibility. The particularly high backrest with adjustable tilt angle and the generously upholstered armrests provide extra comfort. A padded head and neck support relieves the cervical spine during longer sessions. Breathable mesh fabric provides good ventilation and heat exchange, ensuring the chair remains comfortable on warm days. The pull-out footrest is a particular highlight, instantly transforming your ergonomic office chair into peaceful spot to put your feet up, lean back, and relax.

In short, comfort and convenience are as important to this gaming chair as functionality and design. The durable design promises many hours of relaxed gaming and fatigue-free work – whatever you choose to use it for.

Technical specifications:

  • Material: surface and mesh 100% polyester, plastic covers, filling 100% sponge
  • Dimensions: approx. 62.5 × 62 × 114.5 – 124.5 cm (D × W × H)
  • Backrest dimensions: approx. 46.5 x 73 cm (W x H)
  • Seat dimensions: approx. 49 x 49 cm (W x D)
  • Footrest dimensions: approx. 36 x 22 cm (W x D)
  • Seat height: 45–55 cm
  • Load capacity: up to 120 kg

Features of the gaming chair:

  • Seat height individually adjustable
  • Tilt mechanism individually adjustable to body weight
  • Breathable mesh
  • Extendable footrest
  • Integrated lumbar support
  • High-quality, five-part safety base with soft floor castors
  • High comfort while seated thanks to the ergonomically shaped seat and backrest
  • Very high backrest
  • Reinforced padded neck and headrest

  • GAMING CHAIR: The office chair has dimensions of approx. 62.5 × 62 × 114.5 – 124.5 cm (D × W × H), a tilt mechanism that can be individually adjusted to body weight, a maximum load of 120 kg, and upholstered armrests
  • ERGONOMIC SEAT: Ergonomically shaped seat for maximum comfort. The seat surface is approx. 49 × 49 cm (W × D), and the seat height can be adjusted individually from approx. 45 to 55 cm using the pneumatic spring
  • BREATHABLE BACKREST: The upholstered headrest and high backrest made of breathable mesh, with dimensions of approx. 46.5 × 73 cm (W × H) make the chair ideal for extended use – whether in the office or for long gaming sessions
  • FOOTREST FOR RELAXATION: The fold-out footrest can be extended in just a few simple steps. It relieves both the legs and the back, providing total-body relaxation even during prolonged use
  • STABLE BASE: High-quality and extremely stable, the five-point safety base is made from plastic, featuring soft castors with a diameter of approx. 62 cm

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