Baby Vivo Wooden Kitchen and Doll House 2in1 Mira

Beautiful playhouses from Baby Vivo stimulate the imagination of your children!

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Baby Vivo Wooden Kitchen and Doll House 2in1 Mira

Simulate and learn at the same time - the Children's Kitchen

Children learn best and fastest by watching and copying. A play kitchen their size with matching accessories allows them to mimic the activities of adults and learn for life by playing. If the chosen children's kitchen consists of a modern, easy to clean plastic or whether it is a classically decorated wooden model, is up to your personal taste. It is important, that the Play Kitchen excites your little one's to replicate real advantages and preparations of working like their parents. And it would be great, if the toys are similar to devices that are also found in the "real" kitchen of the household.

Lots of fun with a wooden doll house

There is nothing more fun for children than to play with dolls and experience the world of adults themselves. This doll house is a beautiful gift, that will make your child happy. It will also inspire the childrens imagination on several levels. There is a lot going on inside this modern doll’s house. Stimulate the childrens and their friends adventurous tendencies - your little ones will always learn something new!

This children's kitchen and dollhouse make a 2in1, so you can give your child a double delight.

  • Overall size: approx. 64 x 47 x 91 cm (LxWxH)
  • Material: MDF
  • Weight approx. 26.2 kg
  • Recommended age: 3 years +
  • 2in1: Children's kitchen and dollhouse in one

The children's kitchen:

  • Movable tap with sink, spacious storage compartments
  • Oven with hob and adjustable controls, microwave that opens
  • Refrigerator with ice machine that opens

The dollhouse:

  • 6 rooms on 3 floors
  • Each floor has a height of about 25 cm
  • Suitable for mini dolls
ATTENTION: The Mira 2in1 children's kitchen and doll house is not suitable for children under 3 years.
ATTENTION: Only for home use!
ATTENTION: To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.
ATTENTION: Despite the pre-adjustment, this toy has no electronics!

  • 2in1: This special playhouse is 2in1 and can be used as a children's kitchen as well as a dollhouse. Thus, there is no limit to the fun and long-lasting entertainment for children is guaranteed
  • DOLLHOUSE: The dollhouse is perfect for miniature dolls. It consists of 6 rooms spread over 3 floors. Each floor has a height of about 25 cm and thus enough space to put miniature furniture into it
  • CHILDREN'S KITCHEN: The children's kitchen has an oven with hob and adjustable controls, a microwave and fridge that open, as well as a sink with a movable tap and many other storage compartments
  • LEARNING FUNCTION: Role-playing games stimulate the imagination and, among other things, specifically promote motor skills in children. This happens automatically when children imitate activities they have observed in adults
  • SPECIFICATIONS: The sturdy wooden playhouse has an overall size of approx. 64 x 47 x 91 cm (LxWxH), a weight of approx. 26.2 kg and can be easily assembled with the attached assembly instructions


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