SAMAX Interlocking EVA Foam Mats Set 18 pcs - Black - B-Stock

Practical play mats offer protection and fun while the little ones let off steam.

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Item number CW31221070

EAN 4260595752050

Used - Acceptable

<p>The item has clear signs of use, but still works perfectly. Signs of use can include external flaws such as scratches, dents and worn corners. The item may have owner's markings and other signs of use.</p>

SAMAX Interlocking EVA Foam Mats Set 18 pcs - Black - B-Stock

High-quality Protective Mat Set: Exercise in Comfort

With this protective mat set, you are purchasing high-quality puzzle-themed mats that are a great addition while you're working out to keep fit. This protective mat stands out for its thickness, reliably protecting your body against a hard and cold floor.

A practical and comfortable fitness mat

This mat will win you over with its practicality: it's suitable for all exercising and training methods that you practice while lying or kneeling on the floor. A classic example is yoga and other eastern exercise forms. You can focus on your fitness exercises on this protective mat and won't be distracted by pain due to an uncomfortable position or the cold. Another advantage is the easy setup: just put together as many puzzle pieces as you need, and there's no limit to how many you can assemble. And putting them together and taking them apart only takes a moment. Thanks to their low weight, you can easily take them with you to wherever you exercise.

Flexible use: puzzle mats for all occasions

An added bonus is that these floor mats are waterproof and can be used in a variety of ways. So they are ideally suited for training indoors and outdoors. In addition to fitness exercises, they can also be used for many other activities. For example, they provide a pleasantly soft surface for playing with a baby. And they can be used for thermal insulation of floors and walls.

Benefit from the versatile application options of this fitness mat set:

  • Ideal for fitness studios and gyms, the living room and children's room, as a base for fitness equipment, garages, basements and many other locations
  • Material: non-toxic EVA foam, polyethylene (PE)
  • Dimension of a puzzle mat piece: approx. 30 x 30 cm and 1 cm thick + edge pieces
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Non-slip and water-repellent
  • Noise-insulating
  • Provides your floor with good protection from scratches, dents, bumps, sweat, etc.
  • Insulates against heat and cold
  • Pollutant-free, environmentally friendly, and odourless
  • Can be quickly put together and taken apart, and they're easy to transport
  • You can put them together in any way and with as many pieces as you want
  • Easy to clean
  • Total weight: approx. 1 kg
ATTENTION: The black EVA mats can leave residues in the joints

  • PROTECTIVE MAT SET: the 18 individual puzzle pieces of this mat are non-slip and water-repellent, are approx. 30 x 30 cm, are 1 cm thick, and are supplied with removable edge pieces. Any number of parts can be used for the construction. The mat set is thus extremely flexible and can be extended infinitely
  • PROTECTIVE: this puzzle mat is perfect for protecting your floor from scratches, dings, bumps, sweat, and other inconveniences. When you do fitness exercises, it not only provides insulation against noise but also protects you from the cold and dirty floor
  • FLEXIBLE: because of their low weight, the fitness mats are easy to transport and can be used flexibly. The individual pieces can be put together quick as lightning and used and expanded as needed
  • QUALITY: the training mat is made of high-quality and non-toxic EVA foam and is characterised by its high durability and long life. The mat is pollutant- and odour-free and environmentally friendly
  • FIELD OF USE: the floor mat is ideally suited for fitness and gymnastics rooms, living rooms, and children's rooms as well as garages or basements. Keep in mind that the black EVA mats can leave residues in the joints

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