SAMAX Foldable Camping Cart with Canopy Offroad - Black / Green - B-Stock

Our handcarts with canopy are foldable and perfect for every occasion – even off-road!

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Item number CW43866026

EAN 4260595752401

Used - Acceptable

<p>The item has clear signs of use, but still works perfectly. Signs of use can include external flaws such as scratches, dents and worn corners. The item may have owner's markings and other signs of use.</p>

SAMAX Foldable Camping Cart with Canopy Offroad - Black / Green - B-Stock

SAMAX handcart – your companion for every type of excursion

Whether for a family outing, a father's day trip or a visit to the beach, the handcart is an indispensable companion, especially in summer. Everything you need for a carefree excursion can be comfortably stored in this handy pull cart – including the children! Our SAMAX handcart is foldable and comes with a protective sun canopy. Whether at home or out and about, you are always equipped for spur-of-the-moment activities.

Sturdy handcart with canopy

Introducing from our own brand range, SAMAX, a robust all-rounder for hikes and excursions. The handcart is foldable and can be both pushed and pulled. With its wide tyres, it can move easily over any terrain. The handcart is fitted with a canopy and offers protection from the elements, meaning that little children can have a rest from time to time when out on longer walks. The folding handcart also protects delicate items from the full glare of the sun.

Foldable for easy storage

The SAMAX handcart folds up small for compact storage. Because the handcart is foldable, it can also be used when travelling. The practical folding system is child's play, even for beginners. The covers are made of robust, easy-care materials and can be removed for cleaning. The cover fabric is quick-drying, so that the pull cart is ready for use again in the shortest possible time.

Lots of storage space for drinks, toys, etc.

With its generous loading space, the handcart with canopy is suitable for any type of transport or excursion. For the things you need close to hand, there is a large storage pouch on the rear side. Drinks, toys and spare clothing are within easy reach here.

Technical specifications:

  • Overall dimensions: approx. 121 x 61 x 100 cm (L x W x H) with handle approx. 117 cm high
  • Load capacity: approx. 77 x 46 x 25 cm (L x W x H)
  • Dimensions folded: approx. 22 x 61 x 80 cm (D x W x H)
  • Rear pouch dimensions approx. 19 x 43 x 18 cm (D x W x H)
  • Wheel diameter: approx. 18 cm
  • Weight of handcart: approx. 14.9 kg
  • Max. load: 100 kg
  • Includes UV protection sun canopy
  • Rear pouch offers extra storage space
  • 360-degree front wheel rotation with parking brake
  • Front handle for pulling
  • Rear handle for pushing
  • Foldable – therefore easier to store
  • Ball bearings ensure smoothness of movement
  • Material: 100% polyester including protective cover, reinforced metal frame
Offroad – suitable for all terrain!

  • HANDCART WITH CANOPY: The dimensions of our SAMAX handcart with canopy are approx. 121 x 61 x 100 cm (L x W x H); dimensions when folded are approx. 22 x 61 x 80 cm (D x W x H); it comprises a very stable metal frame and a protective cover made of polyester
  • FOLDING CART: The foldable cart can be unfolded and ready for use in no time at all. It can be folded down and stowed away just as quickly. Its flexibility makes it ideal for taking on holiday
  • OFFROAD: Whether you are on a trip, on holiday at the beach or just on a picnic, the foldable handcart is suitable for any terrain thanks to its wide off-road tyres, and with a load capacity of 100 kg, it is able to hold all the supplies you might need
  • EXTENSIVE STORAGE SPACE: Not only is there sufficient storage space inside the cart, but the rear pouch can also be used as extra space for storing smaller items. This means that you can take as much as you want to on every trip
  • WHEELS WITH BRAKES: The 360° rotating front wheels are fitted with a parking brake so that the handcart does not roll away when being loaded. The ball bearings, built into all the wheels, make it easy to push or pull the foldable cart

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