SAMAX Cool Bag for Foldable Hand Cart Offroad 42x19x24 cm - Red

With our SAMAX coolbags you have a loyal companion for every trip.

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SAMAX Cool Bag for Foldable Hand Cart Offroad 42x19x24 cm - Red

The cooler bag, your summer companion for all outdoor activities

Summer, sun and the weekend: Now it is off to the countryside, the artificial bathing lake or the outdoor pool. Always there: the insulated bag, where the drinks and snacks, destined for the relaxing picnic in the open air, remain pleasantly cool. Lukewarm lemonade and melted chocolate biscuits can completely cloud over the cheerful summer mood. How good that the cooler bag has enough space to stow away and transport some tasty treats! It is sturdy, hard-wearing, easy-care and, by the way, also looks really great!

Not only the best for drinks and food

Not only mineral water and sandwiches need to be cooled. Often even sunscreen products or medicines needed while on a journey cannot tolerate heat. Moreover, it is well known that insect sting remedies work best when applied cool. The insulated bag is also - or just - the optimal storage and transport means for such items. Moreover, if you are planning a barbecue in your own garden, the cooler offers itself as a practical "storage" for barbecue sauces and mayonnaise!

Indispensable for every trip

The practical cooler box must always be with you, whether you are spending your holiday by the sea or rather prefer vacations in the mountains, It is as suitable for a leisurely lunch on the beach as it is for a picnic on a mountain heath and hiking with a child and an ice cream cone. Given its low intrinsic weight, it is good and comfortable to wear. Tip: The cooler bag is virtually a completely tailor-made fit for a SAMAX handcart. So ideal for happy family outings, the high-spirited Father's Day hike or other fun activities in summer temperatures!

Technical specifications:

  • Material: Polyester
  • Overall dimensions approximately 42 x 19 x 24 cm (LxWxH)
  • Dimensions when folded together: approximately 42 x 19 x 7 cm (LxWxH)
  • Max. Load weight: 20 kg
  • Load volume: 19 L
  • weight of the cooler bag approximately: 400 grams
  • washable up to 30°
  • Can be folded - thus easier to store
  • With carrying handle and easy to carry
  • Perfectly suitable for all SAMAX handcarts

  • DIMENSIONS: The cooler bag has the dimensions of approximately 42 x 19 x 24 cm (LxWxH), is made of polyester and has a size of about 42 x 19 x 7 cm (LxWxH) in the folded state
  • CARRYING CAPACITY: The cooler box has a capacity of up to 19 litres and can be loaded up to 20 kg. Due to the enormous carrying capacity, large quantities of food or drinks can be accommodated and carried
  • PRACTICAL: Whether travelling, on holiday or just for a picnic, the cooler bag is a practical companion in many situations. It is easy to carry by the handle and takes up little space when folded
  • CLEANING: Due to the materials used, the thermal bag is suitable for washing machines and can be washed at 30°. This is especially helpful for stains that are not easily wiped off
  • HANDCARTS: The bag was made in a scaled fashion and therefore fits into all handcarts of the SAMAX brand. This bag is thus the ideal addition for leisure activities or travelling


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