Makika Dressing table / Make-up table JANA with Sliding Mirror and LED lighting

Take some more time for yourself - with the new make-up tables by Makika.

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Makika Dressing table / Make-up table JANA with Sliding Mirror and LED lighting

Elegant and functional: vanity table with LED lamp

This vanity table means that applying your make-up and doing your hair every day is a pleasure, and makes it easier for you. It will win you over with its modern, functional, well thought-out design. It consists of a solid white body with a spacious drawer and a raised portion with an attractive mirrored front.

A modern, designer piece of furniture with clever features

The large mirror on the elegantly shaped dressing table can be slid sideways. Behind it, there are shelves for storing tools such as make-up and styling products, as well as several hooks where you can hang your jewellery to save space. As a special highlight, a second, smaller mirror is hidden inside the raised portion. If necessary, you can pull out this round make-up mirror to get the best possible view of your face when applying make-up. It has practical LED lights, powered by batteries.

Ideal for applying make-up and doing your hair

Thanks to the large storage area and the two mirrors, this elegantly shaped piece of furniture is not only ideal for use as a make-up table: it is also perfect as a dressing table. The table offers plenty of space for bottles, pots and styling equipment such as a curling iron, hairdryer or straightener. The integrated drawer provides even more storage space, divided into various compartments. The practical divided sections let you perfectly arrange all the styling products you need, and store them in the vanity table. There's space for your nail polish, mascara and powder, as well as for curlers, hairbrushes and make-up brushes.

Dressing table for people who love getting ready

Whether you want to do your make-up, hair or jewellery: this dresser is the perfect complement to your beauty rituals. Two mirrors and plenty of space for accessories make it easier to get ready every day.

Features of the JANA make-up table:

  • Dimensions of the table top: 80 x 40.6 x 82 cm (WxDxH)
  • Dimensions of the sliding mirror approx.: 50 x 64 cm (WxH)
  • Dimensions of the LED mirror approx.: Ø15 cm
  • Overall dimensions of the drawer approx.: 76 x 20 cm (WxH)
  • Drawer can be pulled out up to 27 cm
  • You can slide the mirror to the side; the extra LED mirror is inside
  • Behind the main mirror, there are extra shelves for make-up and hooks for hanging jewellery
  • The drawer is divided into 2 compartments so items can be stored separately
  • Made from: MDF, glass
4 x AAA batteries are needed for the LED mirror. These are NOT included in the scope of delivery.

  • DIMENSIONS:The vanity table is made of MDF and measures approx. 80 x 40.6 x 148.6 cm (WxDxH), the sliding mirror is approx. 50 x 64 cm (WxH) and offers plenty of space for doing your hair or applying your make-up
  • LED MIRROR: A mirror equipped with special LED light, powered by 4 x AAA batteries (not included), is hidden inside the vanity table. This always ensures the perfect lighting for applying make-up
  • DRAWER: The drawer measures approx. 76 x 20 cm (WxH) and can be pulled out up to 27 cm, accommodating 2 smaller storage spaces. It is ideal to keep your valuables separate and protects them from getting dirty
  • CABINET: There are more storage options for safely storing make-up or jewellery in the jewellery cabinet, located behind the sliding mirror. In addition, necklaces and the like can be hung on the hooks
  • TABLE TOP: The spacious table top measuring 80 x 40.6 x 82 cm (WxDxH) not only offers plenty of storage space, but also plenty of room for getting ready, applying make-up, or doing your hair