Makika Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk 140 x 70 cm - White - B-Stock

Makika's height-adjustable desk brings inventiveness to any room.

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Item number CW43779102

EAN 4260595753644

Used - Like New

<p>The item has clear signs of use, but still works perfectly. Signs of use can include external flaws such as scratches, dents and worn corners. The item may have owner's markings and other signs of use.</p>

Makika Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk 140 x 70 cm - White - B-Stock

Comfortable and easy on the back – infinitely height-adjustable desk

Modern, infinitely-adjustable sit-stand desks allow to ergonomically adjust the tabletop height to your preferred body position. Working alternately standing and sitting increases your concentration, performance and productivity. Minimising the time spent sitting at the office workplace can help prevent back pain, one-sided strain and signs of fatigue. Height-adjustable tables have a positive effect on your physical well-being and protect your back, knees and ankle joints.

Superior stability and robustness thanks to steel feet

The functional and sturdy computer table features robust steel feet – available in white and black. Extra-thick steel ensures high stability and rigidity. Work undisturbed and without wobbles even at the maximum working height. Extras – such an adjustable headphone and drink holder – make the table a comfortable work environment that you can tailor to your individual needs. The height of the table frame is adjusted electrically via an intuitively operated, clear control panel. The table height can be adjusted between 75 and 115 cm.

Classic elegance for study and living room

Thanks to its timelessly beautiful figure, the table gives a touch of class to both professional and home office environments. Whether in the living room or study – different looks in white, wood and black ensure that the computer desk harmoniously adapts to your personal furnishing style and existing furniture. The infinitely adjustable table is available in different sizes.


  • Table top material: wood, steel rods
  • Overall dimensions: approx. 140 x 70 x 75 - 155 cm (LxWxH)
  • 75 - 155 cm height adjustable
  • Control panel with buttons to adjust height
  • 4 Save Options for smooth use of the table
  • 1.8 cm thick tabletop - particularly robust and stable
  • Large table surface offers space for 2 monitors
  • Including headset holder
  • Including secure drink holder
  • 2 holes allow dual cable management on both sides
  • With the cable management box, the cables can be easily organized
  • Height-adjustable feet
  • Weight: 32.6 kg

  • 75 - 115 CM HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: adjust the table to your desired height and protect your back and joints during long working hours at the desk
  • OPERABLE CONTROL PANEL: adjust the height of the computer table at the touch of a button or choose between four presets
  • DOUBLE-SIDED CABLE MANAGEMENT: cables disappear almost invisibly from the tabletop and can be attached and concealed under the desk to save space
  • VISUALLY ATTRACTIVE: a tabletop in your preferred colour with a scratch and impact-resistant melamine resin surface to unleash your creativity while working
  • FLEXIBLE: the height-adjustable table with robust steel feet is suitable for use in both professional and home offices

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