MAXCRAFT Waste bin / Garbage can with 3 Containers and Lids - 24 Litre (3 x 8 litres)

Disposal made easy - with the waste bins from MAXCRAFT!

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MAXCRAFT Waste bin / Garbage can with 3 Containers and Lids - 24 Litre (3 x 8 litres)

Waste bins with a system: MAXCRAFT's triple waste separator

The waste separator presented here has three chambers, each with a removable bucket and a separately closing lid. This enables you to separate your waste in the apartment and then dispose of it properly. To make sorting easier for you, the pedals of the pedal bins have a coloured background. The choice of colours is based on the common schemas of the public waste separation system: yellow for plastics, composites and small electrical appliances, green for cardboard and paper, brown for organic waste, food waste and plant parts. This guarantees you a clear overview during disposal, and makes it easy to avoid accidentally opening the wrong waste bin.

Easy-care, safe and smooth-running

In addition to its waste separator function, the pedal bins offer you a number of other advantages. Firstly, they are made of robust, impact- and scratch-resistant plastic that is as easy to handle as it is to clean. Secondly, each of the three waste bins has its own, tightly closing lid, which encloses odours and prevents access by small children or pets. Last but not least, the pedal mechanism ensures that you avoid direct contact with the pedal bin and can easily open it with full hands. Your waste separation system remains literally clean and protects the inhabitants of your household from pathogens.

High-quality design thanks to the stainless steel housing

The triple pedal bin is also visually convincing: the individual containers are surrounded by a body of matte stainless steel. It gives the entire system an elegant design and adapts to almost any interior. The only thing to note is that the lids of the pedal bins should swing upwards when opened, leaving plenty of space for the nearest conversion, so as not to damage the lids of the dustbin. But with the timeless and simple design of the waste separator, there is no need to hide it.

Features of the MAXCRAFT waste separation system:

  • Capacity: 24 litres - 3 containers with each 8 Litres
  • Overall dimensions: approx. 46 x 26,5 x 39,5 cm (WxDxH)
  • Separate disposal thanks to removable container
  • Noiseless lid opening by pedal mechanism
  • Non-slip pedals and colour separation
  • Weight: approx. 4,1 kg
  • Material: stainless steel, plastic, therefore easy to clean

  • SPACE SAVING: The MAXCRAFT waste separation system has the overall dimensions of approx. 46 x 26,5 x 39,5 cm (WxDxH) and a weight of only approx. 4,1 kg
  • VOLUMES: The pedal bin has a total capacity of 24 litres and includes a 3-compartment system with up to 8 litres holding capacity
  • PRACTICAL: Separate disposal possible thanks to removable container and noiseless lid opening, thanks to the pedal mechanism with its non-slip pedals
  • HIGH QUALITY: The housing of the waste system is made of sturdy stainless steel, the individual containers are made of high-quality, scratch-resistant plastic
  • FLEXIBLE APPLICATION: Due to its triple separation system and practical size, whether in the kitchen or in the office, this bin can be used everywhere


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