Baby Vivo Kids slide / Children´s slide - Giraffe in Turquoise

Having your own slide in the garden or bedroom is simply the greatest for children. Make your child's day!

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Baby Vivo Kids slide / Children´s slide - Giraffe in Turquoise

Giraffe children's slide - animal fun indoors and outdoors

With the Baby Vivo children's slide, little ones get their money's worth. The colourful toddler slide makes for fun in the living room as well as in the garden. The slide is made of high quality plastic, weatherproof, and equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Limitless fun for little ones

The children's and baby slide from Baby Vivo was specially developed for the smallest children. Children from the age of two can climb around the giraffe to their hearts' content and keep playing actively. The slide is very robust and has rounded edges so that there is no risk of injury. A wide platform with a railing offers the child a secure hold.

With the cheerful giraffe motif, the children's slide not only ensures exhilarating slide fun, but also offers little ones an opportunity to get to know the giraffe and its long neck through play. The perfect toy for curious children who like to discover their surroundings in an active way.

Robust children's slide for indoor & outdoor use

With the Baby Vivo children's slide you get a robust and durable play device, manufactured to the highest standard. The slide can be set up in no time and can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather. Your child can look forward to an exciting garden slide in summer, but does not have to go without their playground even in the rain and cold.

Surprise little ones with a lovingly designed giraffe, which offers animal sliding fun, indoors or outdoors, all year round.

An overview of the Baby Vivo kid's slide:

  • Recommended age: from 2 years
  • Overall dimensions in installed condition approx.: 190 x 32 x 62 cm (LxWxH)
  • Slide dimensions approx.: 137 x 31,7 cm (LxW)
  • Platform dimensions approx.: 20 x 31,7 cm (LxW)
  • Small steps dimensions approx.: 12,5 x 31,7 cm (LxW)
  • Step height: 1st level approx.: 14 cm, 2nd level approx.: 26,5 cm, 3nd level approx.: 39 cm, platform approx.: 53,5 cm
  • Permissible total weight up to ca. 50 kg
  • Tested according to EN 71-1,2,3
  • Very stable; slide is screwed tightly to frame
  • Simple and fast assembly by fitting and screwing
  • Made of high quality and durable polyethylene
ATTENTION: Please never leave your children unattended.
ATTENTION: This item is for private use only.
ATTENTION: Protect the product from prolonged exposure to the sun and do not leave it in the rain or snow.

  • GIANT SLIDE IN ANIMAL DESIGN: This great slide comes in a giraffe design and has a slide length of 137 cm (without platform). It can be used all year round and is the highlight of the playground
  • INDOORS & OUTDOORS: From a practical point of view, this children's slide is not only suitable for the children's room, but thanks to its sturdy workmanship, in the summer it can also be set up out of doors as a garden slide
  • QUICK SETUP: The children's slide can be set up and ready for use in no time at all. No tools are needed. The slide is just as quick to dismantle and so is suitable for easy transport
  • SAFE SLIDE FUN: The wide steps, the safety railing on the outside and the excellent workmanship of the individual elements make this fun slide absolutely safe
  • FROM 2 YEARS OLD: Children from the age of 24 months can let off steam on this great toddler slide to their hearts' content. With a load weight of 50 kg, nothing stands in the way of long-lasting fun

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