Strattore Manual Awning / DIY Patio 200 x 120 cm – Anthracite

Height-adjustable Strattore clamp awnings for the garden, balcony or apartment. Fast assembly, completely without drilling.

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Strattore Manual Awning / DIY Patio 200 x 120 cm – Anthracite

Practical clamping awning: protection from the sun without any complex assembly

This high-quality clamping awning saves you having to drill: you attach the awning between the floor and a protruding element using two flexible telescopic poles. In terms of fixing points, you can use, for example, porches, a projecting roof or a balcony above.

Multi-purpose functional awning

Compared to fixed awnings, this model offers you several advantages. You can mount this awning in no time at all. The main step is to install the two telescopic poles between the floor and the upper attachment points. You can adjust the length of the telescopic poles with minimal effort. After loosening the screws, they can be easily extended and retracted. You then set the angle of inclination by lengthening or shortening the two extension arms accordingly. This simple installation and operation are notable plus points. You avoid unnecessary work, and will not damage your building. You can moreover use this clamping awning in a variety of ways. For example, you can use it for your motorhome on a camping holiday, or once you return home, as a terrace or balcony awning.

Clamping awning of impressive quality: protection against sun and rain

This reliable sun protection device, which also protects against precipitation, stands out for its stability. The manufacturer produces the feet and the telescopic poles from robust and powder-coated steel. The polyester fabric also proves resilient in everyday life. This clamping awning is resistant to all external influences, such as UV rays, heavy rain and wind. You will be investing in a long-lasting awning, which you can comfortably relax under in the future!


  • Material: 100% polyester (180g/m²) with PU coating, steel
  • Awning width: 200 cm
  • Flexible installation height: 200 – 300 cm
  • Max. depth of the sun protection cover: 120 cm
  • Fully adjustable
  • No drilling is required for any aspect of the assembly
  • Easy to operate thanks to a crank drive
  • Cover is UV- and weather-resistant
  • Fast to assemble and disassemble
  • Can be used very flexibly, as a privacy screen or as sun protection
  • Extremely robust with a stable frame
To ensure the clamping awning has a long service life, it should still be retracted or brought to safety during storms and bad weather.

  • AREA OF APPLICATION: The clamping function enables quick and easy installation without drilling, and the awning attaches ideally to patios and doors, in the garden or to mobile homes, regardless of whether it is being used for privacy or as sun protection
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: The telescopic poles can be infinitely adjusted to a height of 200 – 300 cm. Thanks to the adjustable height and the adjustable angle, the awning is incredibly flexible and can be set so as to be right for any type of weather conditions
  • CRANKSHAFT: With the crank attached, the sun protection cover can be easily extended and retracted. The balcony awning then extends to a maximum depth of 120 cm and provides full privacy and sun protection
  • QUALITY: A cover made of 100% polyester with a PU coating not only provides proper protection against UV rays and summer rain, but, together with the tubular steel frame, is also very robust and intended for many years of use
  • NOTE ON USAGE: To ensure the clamping awning has a long service life, it should still be retracted or brought to safety during storms and bad weather